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ONLY HYDROID Aquabreather Hydroid.


Hydroid is a pioneering regenerative Aquabreather.

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Hydroid Aquabreather will unveil the world of diving with a maximum depth of up to 42 meters and it will allow you to spend at least an hour underwater. Weighing only 4.5 kg, the apparatus does not require assembly and disassembly. You only need to install two disposable regenerative cartridges, fill the cylinder with 40 liters of air using a high-pressure manual pump, and you are ready to conquer the depths. The absence of bubbles during diving, an incredible endurance, the highest level of safety and fantastic comfort will delight you.



Aquabreather is a regenerative breathing apparatus

Aquabreather's working principle is based on the properties of alkali metal superoxides. These are sodium superoxide NaO₂ and potassium superoxide KO₂. The superoxide-based multicomponent mixture used in the Aquabreather ensures not only absorption of carbon dioxide CO₂, but also its conversion into oxygen О₂ with the required regeneration factor. In Aquabreather, a regenerative mixture is kept in replaceable disposable cartridges. Only two cartridges with a volume of 0.66 liters are enough for more than an hour of diving.

Aquabreather action principle

In Hydroid Aquabreathers, the breathing mixture (air) is not exhaled outwards. It circulates inside a closed breathing circuit. When exhaled, the air rich with CO₂ enters a regenerative cartridge. The multicomponent mixture reacts with CO₂ converting it into oxygen O₂.


All-in-one System

Aquabreather is a single-block All-in-one System.

There are no oxygen cylinders in Aquabreather. A brilliant solution for the bulky equipment challenge. The unique design of Hydroid Aquabreather allows us to combine all the components of an underwater breathing apparatus in one unit. A full face mask is equipped with a valve system to prevent moisture from entering the breathing circuit (the volume of which is 6 liters). The Aquabreather’s optimal dimensional ratio and ideal mass balance will allow you to forget that it was ever put on, and you will get great pleasure during the dive. Only you and the ocean.

RRC Cartridges

RRC — watertight Replaceable Regenerative Cartridges.

Each Hydroid Aquabreather is equipped with two reactors to accommodate regenerative cartridges. The reactors are cylindrical in shape and made of fluoroplastic (PTFE). A screw cap with a moisture-resistant gasket reliably fixes and seals cartridges against water entering the circuit. You only need to place a cartridge in the reactor and tighten up the cap. This allows you to complete the entire cartridge installation process in a split second.


GASystem (Gas Analyzing System) analyzes the breathing mixture in the circuit.

In order to monitor the composition of the respiratory mixture in the circuit, Aquabreather uses a system for the analysis of the partial pressure of oxygen O₂ and carbon dioxide CO₂. The partial pressure parameters are displayed on the monitor in the Aquabreather’s visor and are clearly visible during the dive. Upon reaching critical parameters, the analyzer activates an audio and visual signal. The Aquabreather’s electronics is not a control system. It performs an informational function only.

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