About us

Aquabreather LLC is a technology company that created and is now manufacturing a new type of Aquabreather underwater breathing apparatus. The company was founded in Russia, with its head office located in Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow. The company's capacities for the production of apparatus and their components are located both in Russia and abroad, at partner sites.

Aquabreather is a diving monoblock helmet. The Hydroid Aquabreather model is a pioneer type of lightweight underwater equipment. A high-tech mobile apparatus based on the oxygen regeneration method provides the most comfortable dive inaccessible to other types of diving equipment.

Aquabreather are a team of inventors and pioneers in the sphere of underwater equipment. The company's objectives are based on the idea of comfort and facilitation for a person exploring the underwater world. We are eager to make your stay underwater as accessible and comfortable as possible.

Welcome to the new era of diving!